Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday wrap-up

No video tonight.  Not much happened other than lots of hunting.

Tim got a tag, but as he hadn't given his code away that long before* he's not "officially" a zombie yet. But he is.

I (Gabe) wore my Personal Soundtrack Shirt today and, while the speaker is actually kinda crap, it's thrilling to the nth degree when you can cue up some Half-Life tracks as you're chasing someone down.  "Disrupted Original" is probably my favorite.

The final mission is tomorrow, so that should be a blast.  It's always fun because afterward everyone can just walk off together and chat.  My favorite part of HvZ is that, although the combat can get pretty intense, people are still nice to each other, and a squad of humans and pack of zeds can carry on a big conversation for probably an hour while sitting in the 15-foot safe zone outside a doorway.

* Since his knee got hurt and he didn't know who'd actually tagged him, he decided that whoever could come up with the best HvZ-related limerick would get it.  Results forthcoming.

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